In March 2015 Scout Promotion and Hartmann Blue Ink joined up. Karin Hartmann and Stephanie Pierre take on artists and bands that aren’t (yet) interesting for major labels – but have the potential to „make it“ in the German and respective European music market.

Teaming up with management/producer and the artists themselves, a mutual image and PR campaign is developed that will gradually increase the awareness for the artist and their music. Digital distribution is available through a deal with Kontor New Media.

Talented artists continue to work on exposure via social media and live presence themselves, but have the possibility to rely on Stephanie Pierre’s vast experience in the PR and promotion sector and can access Karin Hartmann’s expertise as an A&R and executive producer.

ScoutInk Music is not set on a genre. Pierre: „Just like in my 15 years of agency work success lies in honest commitment. If both Karin and I are enthusiastic about the music, then it’s a ‚go’“.

Interested? Contact Karin & Stephie here:

Stephanie Pierre